Pfizer buys Swiss vaccines

Pfizer executes commercial license agreements for novel human vaccines based on the Swiss company Cytos Biotechnology's Immunodrug technology.
The Swiss biotechnology company Cytos Biotechnology has announced that Pfizer has exercised its options under the exclusive global research, option and license agreement signed by the two companies in August 2008 and has taken commercial licenses for specified vaccines based on Cytos Biotechnology’s Immunodrug technology.

These vaccines incorporate specific disease targets, which are outside the scope of Cytos

Biotechnology’s own research and development programs, and Cytos Biotechnology retains its rights to develop and manufacture vaccines against different disease targets in the same human diseases.

The event triggers payments to Cytos Biotechnology for the execution of the commercial license agreements, and Pfizer acquires world-wide exclusive rights to develop, manufacture and commercialize the specified vaccines.

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