Polymer guru new dean at DTU

The Technical University of Denmark, DTU, has appointed a well-known profile from the Polymer Center as a new dean.
The Technical University of Denmark, DTU, has appointed the senior lecturer Martin Etchells Vigild as dean of the bachelor students at the civil engineering educations program and working environment.

Martin Etchells Vigild graduated as civil engineer from DTU in 1993. He got his doctoral degree in 1997 at the University of Copenhagen. After that he has, amongt other things, worked as senior lecturer at the Department of Chemistry.

He is also involved in the Danish Polymer Center. It is a national focal point for research and teaching in the field of polymers. This involves a network of cooperation with Danish industry and Danish universities.

Martin Etchells Vigild has researched about the connection between structure and properties in polymere materials. These materials can, as an example, be used in the membrane technology and radiation technology.

Martin Etchells Vigild will work as dean parallel to the dean Helge Elbrønd Jensen until March 31th, when Elbrønd Jensen retires on a pension.

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