Finnish-Dutch engineering cooperation continues

The University of Helsinki and ASM International renew a fice year research agreement on Atomic Layer Deposition.
The department of Chemistry at the University of Helsinki and ASM Microchemistry have renewed their long-term research agreement. ASM Microchemistry is a subsidiary of the Dutch semiconductor processing tool supplier ASM International. The new agreement is a seamless continuation to the preceding five year collaboration project started in 2004 and includes research funding for four PhD students.

As part of this collaboration , ASM has located its research and development unit ASM Microchemistry at the campus of the Department of Chemistry of the University of Helsinki. The clean room and laboratory were built and opened in 2004 and the office was moved into the campus in early 2006.

The collaboration is about Atomic Layer Deposition, ALD, which is an advanced technology for depositing thin film materials in highly controlled manner for integrated circuits and other applications. Microchemistry and University of Helsinki have been pioneering the ALD technology since 1987 and 1990, respectively. Today ASM is a leading ALD equipment and process supplier to the semiconductor industry, and the University of Helsinki is one of the world's leading academic research institutes in the field of ALD.
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