Respiratorius hunts millions

The biopharmaceutical company Respiratorius has got a new CEO, who starts a public new share issue to catch almost SEK ten million.
The company closed a share issue intended for existing share holders before the Christmas holidays, worth almost SEK eleven million. Respiratorius has atated that these money will keep the company buoyant, while a secret partner within the drug delivery sector tests the company’s drug candidates against asthma and the lunch disease KOL on guinea pigs.

The aim is to sell or license out these substances toa large biopharma company. In total, SEK 50 million has been invested in Respiratorius’s research about the bronciols, the small windpipes in the lung, and how we can make these pipes to relax and expand.

In December, the company appointed a new CEO, Jörgen Gustafsson, who succeeds Karin Wehlin. He is a PhD in organic chemistry at the University of Lund 1994. He worked for Pharmacia between 1995 and 1998, involved in pre-clinical research for treating autoimmune diseases as well as developing combinatorial chemistry. He then joined Astrazeneca in Lund in 1998 ending in 2008 as Evaluation Director at Strategic Planning Business Development responsible for evaluation of external opportunities in the therapeutic area respiratory and inflammation.

One of Jörgen Gustafsson's main mission is to fill the cashbox. That is the reason for this new share issue, this time intended to the public.
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