Hormones make children fat

A new Danish million project will define the connection between hormons and obesity amongst children.
The researcher Tina Kold Jensen from the Department of Health Science at the Sourthern University of Denmark has been granted by The Strategical Research Council. She recieves almost DKK 14 million to study endocrinological reasons to obesity. She will investigate why the obesity in general has increased.

Her main area of interest is reproductive epidemiology and she has worked with time and spatial trends in fertility and semen quality in many European populations. She has also investigated the effect of lifestyle factor on male and female reproduction and worked with the Testicular Dysgenesis Syndrome hypothesis, suggesting that the increase in testis cancer incidence and the birth prevalence of malformations in the male reproductive tract and the decline in semen quality are manifestations of the same underlying defect occurring in utero.

She has participated in studies of newborn boys with malformations and their fathers. In addition, she is participating in the birth cohort studies in the Faroe Islands and in the planning of a study of the reproductive function of the inhabitants of the Faroes.

Apart from this, Tina Kold Jensen is board member in The Danish Ministry of the Interior and Health, Research Centre for Environmental Health and the Danish Society of Epidemiology.

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