Go ahead for leg wound study

Tripep starts a phase II-study of their wound healing joint venture project.
The Swedish Medical Products Agency has given their approval to a new phase II study of Chronseal, a project for wound healing jointly owned and developed by Swedish Tripep and their japanese partner company Kringle Pharma. The multi-center study will be made in Sweden and Norway, and include 75 patients with chronic leg ulcers. The placebo-controlled study is planned to end at the end of this year.

ChronSeal is a gel containing human hepatopoietin, Hepatocyte Growth Factor, (HGF), which plays a key role in wound healing. The treatment method has been successfully tested on patients with chronic leg ulcers. In an earlier pilot study, 8 out of eleven showed a wound healing 60 to 100 per cent. Estimates say that 4 million people in the US alone suffer from chronic leg ulcers, and there is a large medical need for effective treatments.

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