“We are Europe’s hotspot in life science”

The Medicon Valley Alliance has worked for competence development in life science in Denmark and Sweden for a quarter of a century. Anette Steenberg, CEO, sees the anniversary as a recognition of MVA’s explosive power.

Looking back on the past 25 years, we have truly created a fairy tale.

The words come from CEO Anette Steenberg. Since 1997, Medicon Valley Alliance, MVA, has worked to promote networks and development in life science in the Oresund region in Denmark and Sweden.

The name partly refers to the actual geographical location but of course, also to the American equivalent Silicon Valley. So, what do they have in common? Well, even the Swedish-Danish variant is a cluster for innovation, but with a focus on biotechnology, pharmaceuticals and medical technology rather than tech and IT.

When asked about recent specific examples of how MVA has made a difference, Anette Steenberg mentions the organisation’s ability to develop the area into a “world-class cluster” in the fields of infertility and microbiome research.

– In both cases, our unique capacity have enabled us to reach out to Swedish and Danish stakeholders, mobilise support in both countries and raise funds for research.

According to Anette Steenberg, Medicon Valley Alliance is – since Brexit – now the leading life science cluster in the EU. She refers to the fact that in the area, the number of private employees in life science companies amounts to 65 000 people. There are also 15 000 life science researchers.

Of course, MVA cannot claim all the credit for this, but we have been a bridge builder and a proactive part of the development from the very beginning. The fact that we continue to recruit international companies and that we were visited by guests from all over Europe at our 25th anniversary is clear proof of the growing interest, and it is also a recognition. We are Europe’s hotspot in life science.”

Despite all the success Steenberg highlights, she is not yet satisfied. She believes that MVA is still sitting on a pool of unused resources.

– The next step is to convince the two governments that the MVA perspective would add value to both the Danish and Swedish life science strategies. We are making progress, but there is still unrealised potential here.

Medicon Valley Alliance

Founded in 1997 as Medicon Valley Academy, it changed its name in 2007 to Medicon Valley Alliance.

Works regionally to strengthen the conditions for research and development in the Oresund region.

Works internationally with the region’s marketing to initiate international collaborations and attract labour.

Collaborates with network organisations in life science in other “bioregions” of the world.

Source: MVA

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