EUR 2 million for peanut allergies

ALK Abelló has signed an agreement to invest EUR 2 million in the French biotechnology company DBV Technologies.
ALK is a global pharmaceutical company focusing on allergy treatment, prevention and diagnosis. This agreement is a part of a follow-up equity financing of the company. As part of this, President and CEO Jens Bager will join DBV Technologies' Board of Directors.

The investment in DBV Technologies provides an opportunity for ALK to enter a collaboration on developing a new promising vaccine against peanut allergy. The peanut allergy vaccine, which is currently being developed by DBV Technologies, is based on a proprietary electro charged patch technology offering gradual uptake of the active vaccine ingredients through the skin.

Peanut allergy is one of the most severe food allergies. Peanut allergic patients may experience severe allergic reactions or even anaphylaxis when accidentally exposed to peanut allergens. Currently, there are no allergy vaccine products or proven technologies available for the treatment of patients suffering from peanut allergy. As a result, patients rely on strict avoidance of peanuts combined with adrenaline auto-injectors for self-administration in case of an allergic emergency.

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