Major changes to the Q-Med board

The nomination committee wants to replace half of the existing board, including the current Chairman. An Extraordinary General Meeting will take place on February 4.
Pia Rudengren, the present Chairman of Q-Med will have to leave her position, if the nomination committee get the approval of the owners at the extra AGM next week. Three other Board Members, Åsa Rödén, Pernilla Ström and Håkan Edström, will also have to go. As new Chairman the committee wants Anders Milton, board member of Q-Med since 1997. He is the Chairman of a number of organizations and companies, including Vironova and Face of Aids Foundation. The committee suggests that Bertil Hult will remain on the board, as well as Q-Meds founder and CEO Bengt Ågerup.

One of the main reasons behind the drastic change is a conflict between parts of the Q-Med Board and Bengt Ågerup. In late 2008 Bengt Ågerup and partners put a bid on Q-Med, with the intention of delisting the company. This offer was declined by groups of owners, and Chairman Pia Rudengren made a clear stand against the offered deal, recommending the owners not to accept the bid. The new Board are likely to have another view on the suggested transaction.

Three new members are suggested to be elected onto the Q-Med Board. Ulf Mattson, formerly CEO of Capio and Mölnlycke Health Care is one of them. The other two are Tomas Nicolin, formerly CEO of Alecta and Kristina Persson, former County Governor of Jämtland and Deputy Governor at the Swedish Riksbank. According to Q-Med, the election committee's proposal is supported by owners representing just under 70 percent of the outstanding shares in the company.
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