Lucy Robertshaw: There is a bio revolution happening right now

Lucy Robertshaw is both proud and excited to be taking the baton of moderating this year’s Pharma Outsourcing event.

2020 certainly has not been a normal year for anyone on the planet due to the Corona situation, countries have had lock down and unfortunately family have lost love ones due there being no vaccine that could protect them. This has been the largest disruption ever seen in most industries.

However out of the doom and gloom there have been interesting developments in innovative technology that has meant that we have been able to keep in touch with our families, colleagues, and our networks.

Events have gone online, and we have been able to have 1-2-1 networking events and even zoom breakout rooms where we have been able to have that spontaneous aspect of meeting new people.

One of the reasons why I love working in the life science sector is that I feel that we are a big family and that everyone cares for each other and for the future of humanity and I really wonder how many other sectors can say that.

I have recently been participating in the online LSX’s Investival Showcase Virtual 2020 where Jorge Santos da Silva, Partner at McKinsey and Company was explaining that pharmaceuticals and biotech have been outperforming other sectors and this is certainly a shining light at the end of the tunnel, there have been a record number of deals completed.

The reason is that businesses have been able to be agile and have had increased momentum whether that has been working together or a rapid response in ways that it may never have realised it needed to be.

There has also been a positive effect on the reputation of the pharmaceutical sector with greater knowledge among the public about how our industry works through the mass media and public health awareness campaigns. People now realise how difficult it can be to find a vaccine along with how important it is to ensure this is safe from day one to protect side effects from the vaccine.

There are currently 350 candidates in the pipeline for therapeutic, which has of course created a ripple effect, the advancement of RNA technology has become extremely exciting. There is a bio revolution happening right now.

250 vaccine candidates in the global pipeline, we also see that there are a number of these in phase 3 and phase 4. There are also several drugs being repurposed as well as potentially being able to treat COVID.

There is also now a good, committed investor flow in getting these deals invested in.

We are also now seeing that companies are becoming first time launchers and not going as they have traditionally for an IPO.

It is imperative that there continues to be interaction between healthcare and industry. The need for talent is still growing and that is why we feel that this year’s Pharma Outsourcing event is so important to be a part off.

Whether you are part of innovation, you are a researcher or you are a manager of a large Pharma company it’s so important to know who is part of the network and also where you can locate your next contact from.

We have learnt from history of the days of big pharma that block buster drugs may have been a great idea at the time but today we also understand that personalised medicine is also the way forward. But to be able deliver this what new ways and knowledge is out in the world that we need to locate.

I love the saying “it’s not what you know but it’s who you know” and is that not the truth about our industry because we cannot do everything ourselves hence the reason that outsourcing is a imperative part of our industry.

This year’s event will be a little different obviously but still very important so it will be delivered digital this year and will be broadcasted live from a professional studio at Stockholm Waterfront where I will be along with speakers.

The partnering-system opens two weeks before the event so that you can all book digital 1-2-1 meetings.

We would love to know what your thoughts and questions are to our speakers through our event-app that is available for you when the event starts.

Pharma Outsourcing - Find The Right Partner

Where? Digital event, free of charge but registration is required.

When? 10. dec 2020.


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