Pharma Outsourcing igång på Stockholm Waterfront

Just nu pågår branschmötet Pharma Outsourcing i Stockholm Waterfront. Nära 90 personer är registrerade, drygt 20 utställare är på plats och mer än 50 partner-möten är bokade. 

Under dagen talar:

Anders Blanck, vd Lif
Swedish pharmaceutical companies and service-providers – their impact on the international market

Kjell Andersson, vd Cinclus Pharma
Cinclus Pharma – development of effective treatment against severe reflux esohagitis

Gunilla Andrew-Nielsen, enhetschef för kliniska prövningar och licenser, Läkemedelsverket
Patient centric, decentralized and virtual clinical trials – a national project

Liza Tchapanova, Business Developer, and In Vivo Researcher IVRS AB
State-of-the-art in vivo imaging modalities are the future for the preclinical phase of drug development

Matilda Bäckberg, PhD Rise Research Institutes of Sweden
RISE Pharma Office – we transfer your idea to a safe drug

Bassem Saleh, vd TFS Health Science
Increased collaboration and a shared strategy between the business sector, academia and healthcare as a solution to challenges with attracting clinical trials to Sweden

Johan Ny, vd NY Consulting
The importance of venture capital and leading services suppliers

David Sagna, vd Zelmic
Finding the perfect development partner

Sara Mangsbo, grundare Vivologica
Streamline your in vivo outsourcing and digitalise your animal journals in one tool

Anna Nordmark, Principal Consultant, SDS Life Science
Possibilities and challenges in preparing for phase I

Tony Hitchcock, Technical Director, Cobra Biologics
Integrated supply chains for the production cell and gene therapies

Yuliyana Manolova, Business Development Manager, Acino
Procurement and External Supply - creating a win-win partnership

Beatrice Öström, Nordic Head of Scientific Affairs, Pharma Relations
How to ensure the right level of sponsor oversight when outsourcing?

Martina Widman, Director of Clinical Development, Diamyd Medical
How to ensure the right level of sponsor oversight when outsourcing?

Henrik Schlieker, PCI Phaema Services
From Molecule to Market – Your bridge between life-changing therapies and patients

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